Laser Genesis – Beauty’s best kept secret!

Laser Genesis – Beauty’s best kept secret!

In an extremely fast changing and evolving industry, we are constantly trying fancy lasers and strange new treatments. But do they really work? Or are they just a bunch of gimmicky products with a whole lot of fluffy advertising?

This is why I’m here to talk to you about Laser Genesis.

First things first, it works. It’s amazing. I’ve seen a glow and a radiance in my skin that I’ve NEVER seen before!

Laser Genesis is used to treat a number of skin conditions such as rosacea (broken capillaries and redness), those pesky marks left over from previous breakouts, dull, sagging and ageing skin and enlarged pores. It instantly lifts and firms your skins texture and I swear it looks like all those missed nights of beauty sleep have finally caught up and I’m GLOWING!

Being a senior dermal and laser therapist here at Esteem Medi Spa, I understand that ‘laser’ can sound pretty daunting if you’ve never had anything like this before. A thorough consultation prior to treatment will ease your mind and we can go through all your concerns, what you’ve been using on your skin at home and what you would like to achieve.

The feeling of the treatment feels almost like a slight warming sensation, similar to when you lay in the sun and you feel the warm rays upon your skin, definitely not uncomfortable at all and most clients end up falling asleep!

During treatment, we continuously move the laser in a sweeping motion back and forth to evenly heat up one area of the skin at a time. The light is absorbed by the tiny blood vessels in the upper dermis, then the micro-pulses from the laser heat up the blood vessels which activate our own collagen production. This in turn results in bright beautiful clear skin almost instantly!

The reason why everyone keeps it a secret is, there is absolutely no down time! No one can tell you’ve had the treatment as there’s no swelling, minimal redness which usually subsides in 10 mins, only leaving a beautiful bright ‘lit from within’ glow to your skin. I promise you, your friends and colleagues will notice a difference immediately.

I recommend to have a minimum of 6 treatments which can be done every 2-4 weeks.

To learn more about our laser genesis treatment, give myself or the clinic a call and we would be more than happy to book you in for a consult.

Written by Dermal Therapist Ashlea Irwin. 

To make an appointment with Ashlea at our Main Beach clinic phone 1300 693 783.

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