A Secret Ingredient for Youthful Skin

A Secret Ingredient for Youthful Skin

It’s no secret that vitamins play a significant role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies stay fuelled from the supplements and food we supply them. Yet, we can’t seem to get rid of the harsh environmental elements that give in to our ageing skin. As we age, we lose nutrients and the amount of vitamins that we feed our body plays a major role in maintaining healthy skin.

When added into your daily skincare routine, it is clinically proven that Vitamin C is the one antioxidant that gives us the greatest result in terms of ageing skin. Research has shown the most effective form of Vitamin C is Ascorbic acid. It is known for enhancing the production of collagen. Used in well-formulated skincare products, this type of vitamin C will help repair and protect any discolouration and UV damage, creating firmer, younger skin.

When you find yourself looking for an age defense product, for the best results look for topical products that have between three and ten percent vitamin C.

SkinMedica | Vitamin C +E Complex
A silky, fragrance-free formula providing the excellent antioxidant defense that helps to improve the appearance of skin tone, texture, and resiliency.

Best used: A single pump each morning to the face, neck and decollate.

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