Client Review: Jeni Bone PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

Client Review: Jeni Bone PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

I got my tattoo in 1987, at the age of 17 – old enough to consider the consequences you would think! I paid a stranger to inject an unknown substance under my skin in a design that I would have to carry for life. Tattoo regret was almost immediate. The next day, I wondered what my parents would think! What would it mean to my job prospects? How soon could I get it off?

I have waited 27 years for the solution. Yes, there have been laser treatments, which over the years, as a journalist, I have observed, written about and been poised to try. But I never accepted the scarring or the pain that came with them. In fact, back in 2007, I went with a friend of mine (who also had a tattoo at around about the same time, also while on holidays overseas – it seemed like such a cool idea at the time . . . ) and she could barely tolerate the pain of the laser treatment. After 4 treatments, she discontinued and has the outline of the tattoo on her wrist to this day. I refused to go through that, for the expense and for the ridged scarring that it left.

Now, PicoSure is available. Hailed as “the biggest breakthrough in tattoo removal technology in 20 years” – 10 times as effective as the previous nano-laser method, the PicoSure laser removes tattoos totally, quickly, with no scarring and no damage to tissues, and almost no pain.

It’s many times more advanced than previous lasers, breaking up the ink particles so the body can break it down.

The laser hovers above the skin, there’s no heat or burning, no tissue damage, no scarring. The laser only works on the inked areas, blowing the ink into tiny pieces so the body can absorb it. There’s a zapping sound when it hits the ink and it feels like scratching, but no real pain.

After my first treatment, I was thrilled. It’s finally dispersing. A couple more to go and it will completely vanish.

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