Injectable Rhinoplasty Article

Injectable Rhinoplasty Article

Reshaping the nose or rhinoplasty is one of the oldest surgical procedures known.

More recently the concept of injectable rhinoplasty has been adopted.

In a surgical rhinoplasty the structures of the nose can be reduced or enhanced or reshaped or repositioned to give the best cosmetic and functional outcome.

With injectable rhinoplasty features of the nose can only be enlarged or supported. Thus its scope of effectiveness is nowhere near as broad as surgical rhinoplasty.

It would make sense therefore that noses that need increased size or support are those that are most likely to benefit from injectable rhinoplasty. A classic example of this is the Asian nose where nasal features are generallyunder-projected or insufficiently shaped.

Asian rhinoplasty with a solid implant is one of the most commonly performed operations in Asia. Draw backs with this technique however are usually seen in the long term where the implants are prone to deviateand make the nose look crooked or they may thin the overlying tissues and make themselves more apparent. Ulceration, exposure and infection are also possible.

Injectable rhinoplasty is most commonly performed with Hyaluronic Acid products. These give significant duration of effect in the nose (up to two years) but can be easily dissolved by an enzyme injection if they become problematic. Thus the degree of control with this technique is extremely high.

Up to twocc’s of product may be required to enhance the Asian nose. In Caucasians the amount required is usually less as it is mostly employed to match the recessive portions of the nose to the more projected part. Once again long duration of effect and predictability and control are usually possible.

Not all noses are suitable for injectable rhinoplasty. In many cases there are features to the nose that need to be reduced or reshaped in proportion and this cannot be done non-surgicaly.

It takes careful assessment and discussion of the options for the appropriate patient to be treated with non-surgical rhinoplasty.

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