Lip Service

Lip Service

Let’s face it – the overblown lip is becoming as much a marker of the cosmetic work gone wild as the overdone facelifts one sees on American soapies. True, as we age we do lose the volume in our face. Full strong cheeks become hollow, jawlines become jowly and lips that were once full and luscious become thin lines.

All these conditions respond well to injections with products. These products come in various formulations to suit the area in which they are placed. Reshaping a cheekbone uses a much denser product that treating the fine lines near the eyes.

With lips it’s very much a case of art as well as science. Newer techniques
introduced from Europe use smaller amounts of product in ways to enhance the shape of the lip more than focusing on increasing the size.

A common ageing sign is the appearance of fine lines in the upper lip. By making the lip border more distinct these lines become less remarkable and lipstick stops leaking into these sites, the ageing lip may also disappear from the corners giving the mouth a narrow look. Injections of tiny amounts into the corners of the mouth and lip can help to re-establish the natural width to the lip and give a happier shape to a thin mouth.

Similarly, loss of distribution of the central pillars of the upper lip, the ‘Cupid’s Bow’, can be reversed by judicious placement of these injectables.

Once the border and landmarks of the lips have been established then modest amounts of products can be placed to further enhance the size of the lip according to the desire of the patient and the shape of their lips.

The soft tissue injections we use have a proven safety record in the face and are the most commonly used in the world. Duration of results vary between 6 and 18 months depending on the type of product used, the technique used and the location of the injections. One of our injection substances also comes in a formulation with local anaesthetic incorporated to minimise the discomfort of injections. Other products are used in conjunction with the local anaesthetic blocks for a pain-free procedure.

So don’t fear that you will end up with the ‘bee-stung’ look. In the right hands a subtle natural reshaping and refreshment of the lips is possible with minimal downtime and maximum safety.

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