Plastic surgery; Do your homework

Plastic surgery; Do your homework

The American Board of Plastic Surgery recently launched the “Do Your Homework” campaign, a patient safety public education campaign. The campaign is focused on encourageing patients to investigate their doctor’s qualifications before undergoing plastic surgery procedures.
Patients have been injured. Some have even died. It is wrong to think if a physician is certified that he or she is qualified to be a plastic surgeon.

In the United States, it is perfectly legal for any doctor with a medical licence to practice in any medical field. This is how physicians who are not board-certified in plastic surgery manage to perform plastic surgery procedures minus the appropriate training. It’s amazing to think that most state laws and regulations in the United States enable some doctors to move into the practice of plastic surgery without the right certification. It is wrong to assume that as long as a doctor is certified in a medical field that he or she is qualified to practice plastic surgery.

Patient Dinora Rodriguez recently woke from a breast augmentation procedure done by a non-board-certified plastic surgeon, to find her implants were merged. During the same procedure, the doctor decided to operate on her eyes without her consent. As a result, Dinora can no longer close her eyes completely. Dinora regrets not knowing to check her doctor’s qualifications. Dinora has had the botched breast implant surgery fixed.

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