Trust is everything!

Trust is everything!

It’s a personal choice, who you trust to deliver anti-ageing treatments such as injectable and other procedures. Not only do you have to feel comfortable with your clinician, you have the right to know their qualifications, background and philosophy.

Many spas and beauticians set up shop as anti-ageing experts, dealing out specialised treatments just as they do brow waxes or facials.

At Esteem Medi Spa, our clinically trained , registered nurses work under the guidance of Dr Terrence Scamp, one of this country’s leading plastic surgeons.

If you are consulting your local clinician, you should ask for their qualifications. Do they have the training, expertise and testimonials that equip them for the job? Are they supported and trained by a cosmetic plastic surgeon?

Esteem Medi Spa offers FREE consultations for any cosmetic or anti-ageing procedure. In this complimentary session, one of our highly qualified cosmetic Doctors or Registered Nurses will explain every facet of the procedure and answer your questions, no matter what their nature, guiding you through the process. There is no hard sell and each and every consultation is tailored to your preferences and unique requirements. That’s the Esteem guarantee.

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