Update: The Advanced Aesthetic Workshop & Allergan Academy

Update: The Advanced Aesthetic Workshop & Allergan Academy

I have recently returned from the Advanced Aesthetic Workshop in Melbourne plus the Allergan Academy featuring Dr William Adams from Dallas. Dr Adams discussed precision in planning for Breast Augmentation and patients to endeavour to obtain the optimal result.

The Advanced Aesthetic Workshop featured three surgeons from the USA and one from Singapore focusing on rejuvenation around the eyes, mid-face and brows. Non-surgical options with injectables were also discussed and it seemed that the best results were obtained with a combination of both surgery and injectables. However, it is remarkable what improvements can be obtained, particularly in the younger patient, with injectables alone.

It struck me however I was looking at the patients shown from Australia verses their International counterparts, how much we need to work on getting our skin in better shape. Our wonderful lifestyle is certainly taking its toll on our skin, and these days with the very potent cosmeceuticals we have on offer quite dramatic changes can be made by skincare alone. Even more so if you include light sources and lasers.

Dr Adams also spoke on use of the Vectra 3D Imageing System which we have just installed at Esteem. This allows one to take a 3D photograph of a patient and then the computer will generate an image of what they would potentially look like with designated breast prosthesis. Hopefully it’s a bit more sophisticated and informative than putting rice in a bra!

For more information contact me on 07 5539 1000 or email ua.moc.apsyadmeetse@yregrus. For more information on Vectra 3D Imageing System click here.

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