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Picosure is proven to be productive in improving acne scars, and our patients see results just after one session.

The Picosure laser acne treatment transfers light, constructs a unique response inside the skin and catches the body’s natural healing ability to enhance skin texture and improve the appearance of acne scars. This process carries on for weeks after your treatment with visible results.

The effect on patient confidence is real. Our female patients are pleased that they can start using bronzer without it looking as if there’s a crack or deep lines on their faces. Other patients report that they are using half the amount of makeup than they used to, and some are so pleased with the results they finally have the confidence to post pictures of themselves without wearing any makeup!

What makes PicoSure so unique, is the recovery time compared to other laser treatments. You can go on with your daily activities immediately after the treatment.

The Benefits

  • No recovery time.
  • You do not need any sedation, general anaesthetic or anaesthetic cream.
  • Minimal preparation, all you need to use is an exfoliating scrub the night before the treatment.

What to Expect

  • The Picosure acne scar treatment lasts approximately one hour.
  • Your skin will be temporarily tender and red, but this will disappear within a day.

We recommend a maintenance appointment 6-9 months after you completed a series of treatments.



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