Anti-Ageing Injections Gold Coast & Brisbane

Anti-ageing injections

Wrinkles are a sad fact of life. Over time, UV exposure, stress, the laughter and tears of living all cause expression marks on our faces, making us appear older.

Thankfully, there is a straightforward, non-surgical procedure in the form of anti-ageing injections that can dramatically reduce even the most prominent wrinkles within days. Now, thanks to science, defying the impact of time and gravity is a reality, and accessible.

To demystify its composition, anti-ageing injections are formulated from natural protein that relaxes wrinkle-inducing muscles making a soft regenerated and youthful look.

At Esteem, our doctors and registered nurses are personally trained by esteemed plastic surgeon Dr Terrence Scamp, who is a registered trainer in anti-ageing injectables. Both Dr Scamp and the Esteem Medi Spa injectable staff are amongst the first in Australia to be trained in the very latest in injecting techniques, ensuring we achieve the very best result for each and every patient.

anti wrinkle injections Gold Coast & Brisbane

One 10-minute treatment – a few small injections that relax the muscles that causes those unwanted lines to form. This treatment lasts for three to six months. The results are often quite dramatic and apparent within days.
Our skilled cosmetic doctors and registered nurses are dedicated to ensuring your look is refreshed and your facial expressions not ‘frozen’. Instead, they provide the treatment is used to its optimum to soften lines and restore the signs of youth.

For further details or to arrange a consult on anti-ageing injections at our Gold Coast or Brisbane clinics, call your closest clinic on the number at the top of the screen, or click on the enquiry button below.



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