Liposuction – Fat Removal Gold Coast & Brisbane

Liposuction – Fat Removal

Lipoplasty and Liposculpture are also known as Liposuction which removes localised groups of fat tissue to provide patients with a slimmer and smoother figure.

For successful results, patients should be of a relatively average weight and have extra fat restricted in particular areas like the abdomen hips and buttocks. Lipoplasty is also productive in getting rid of fat deposits from the legs, back, arms, face, and neck.

It’s important to remember that Lipoplasty is not a replacement for good diet and exercise or is it a resolution for weight loss. It cannot get rid of cellulite or fix hanging or loose skin.

Optimal results from Lipoplasty are accomplished when you have healthy skin. If the skin has lost a significant amount of its elasticity, it might need a skin tightening surgery like a tummy tuck or lift.

What happens during the surgery?

General anaesthesia is used for Lipoplasty for patient comfort. The procedure is typically done using a suction pump device to suck away fatty deposits. In some cases, a hand-held syringe is used rather than a pump. Ultrasound-assisted Lipoplasty, for example, uses energy from sound waves to liquefy the fat before it is removed. The technique chosen for your particular case depends on individual factors that Dr. Scamp will discuss with you.

Recovery time

Post-surgery, you will need to wear a compact pressure garment for 6-12 weeks, to assist skin shrinkage and to reduce bruising and swelling as you slowly regain normal activities. You can expect to return to work within one or two weeks.



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