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Breast Lift Surgery on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane

Like any part of the body, the breasts can be affected by major life changes and age. It is common for the breasts to lose tissue volume and for the skin to lose elasticity over time. This can cause the breasts to droop and develop sagging skin. In particular, this can occur after having children, losing weight or as you get older.

Mastopexy, which is commonly known as a breast lift, can help to raise and restore natural breast height and appearance. This is a surgical procedure that involves getting rid of sagging skin and repositioning the areolae and nipples. This can re-contour the breasts and achieve a more youthful appearance.

breast lift surgery at Esteem clinic

Breast lift and implants consultation available on the Gold Coast and Brisbane

Before undergoing a breast lift, patients will meet with a professional in one of our clinics. Patients will be able to discuss their desired breast shape and what they would like to achieve from the surgery. A professional will carry out an examination to evaluate the skin quality and how a breast lift can help.

In addition, the professional will decide what incision method should be used for the breast lift. This will depend on the individual patient, their skin and degree of sagging, as well as desired breast shape. One of the most common methods is making incisions that follow the natural curve of the breast.

If the patient has lost volume in their breasts, they can also opt for breast implants. Patients will be able to discuss this more in detail during the consultation.

Breast Lift Procedure

Patients will be administered a general anaesthetic prior to surgery. This will ensure the procedure is pain-free and comfortable for the patient. A professional will use a marker pen to indicate where the incision lines will be made on the breast. Following these lines, sagging breast skin can be removed.

In addition, the nipples and areolae can be adjusted to a higher position to achieve the desired shape. The incisions will be closed up.

A protective dressing will be applied to the breasts after surgery. This encourages healthy healing. Patient can expect discolouration over the breasts and swelling. But, this will slowly decrease over time. A temporary loss of nipple and breast sensation is not uncommon and patients should not be alarmed by this.

Patients will be instructed to wear a surgical bra for a couple of weeks after surgery. This is going to help breast healing to achieve the best results. The scar from a breast lift is permanent, but the incision marks will diminish over time.

Most patients can expect to return to work within a couple of weeks. Exercise should be slowly introduced. The final results can be released after a few months of the procedure.

Breast lift results

Breast lift and implants have helped many patients in Brisbane and Gold Coast achieve natural looking results. The breasts have been lifted to a youthful height and the implants can help them to appear fuller. The appearance of sagging and loose breasts can be reduced.

It is important to remember that the results of a breast lift are individual to the patient. Every patient’s skin and breasts will be different, and this will reflect in the results. This is why not everyone who requires a breast lift will also require implants.

In addition, the incision method that is used can affect the overall result. You will be able to gain a better idea of the expected results of surgery during your consultation.

If you would like to find out more about breast lift surgery, breast augmentation or any other procedures, you can arrange a consultation appointment with Esteem Medi Spa by calling 1300 693 783.



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