Otoplasty – Ear Surgery Gold Coast & Brisbane

Otoplasty – Ear Surgery


Setback Otoplasty can enhance the shape of the placement of ears. This procedure can also decrease ear sizes if the ears are bigger in proportion to the rest of your facial features. If a patient’s ears really stick out, setback otoplasty can move them closer to the head.

Ear surgery is commonly suggested for children that are six years or older. Ear correction before a child enters school helps get rid of potential stress from schoolyard bullies teasing children with less than perfect ears. Adults can also get corrective surgery on their ears as long as a person’s health is good there is really no restrictions to getting this surgery.

The supporting soft tissue of the ear (cartilage) is adjusted to position the ears closer to the head. This usually is achieved through small cuts behind your ears. Any scarring will be hidden in your natural skin crease.

Following the surgery, patients need to wear a bandage for at least seven days to make sure that they ears heal in their new, adjusted position. You will need to wear a headband every night for the first month for four weeks.

Patients will also need to avert from any strenuous exercise for several weeks but go back to most activities after the first week post-surgery.

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