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Face Lift

Facelifts smooth baggy skin on your neck and face and tighten fundamental tissues as well as get rid of excess fat. The heredity, bone structure, and skin texture all determine how many ‘years’ a facelift can ‘remove’ from the ‘wear’ a face endures.

The overall outcome for every facelift method is to hide the incisions as much as possible. After surgery, the scars will mostly be hidden by makeup or hair.

The skin on the face is lifted from its necessary tissue, and any excess skin is taken off. The more rooted tissues are also moved to help achieve a more youthful face. If required, a tiny incision under your chin can assist the removal of fat and smooth out the cord-like structures in your neck.

When sagging in the cheek area is prominent, a technique called a mid-facelift can be done. Incisions are then made inside the bottom eyelid or can be put in a different area that gives remarkable entry to the middle cheek region.

Post facelift, you will have limited tightness, numbness, and discolouration on your neck and face. Your skin will stay moderately sensitive for the first two to three months, so protection from the sun is essential.

Redefining facial features

Finding the right balance for your facial features is the primary goal for cosmetic plastic surgery.
Facial cosmetic surgery can assist you in reducing prominent ears, shaping your nose, adding more structure to your cheek bones, and increasing the projection of your chin. Every now and then improving just one facial feature can bring a brand new balance to your face and strengthen your entire look.

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