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Fat Injections

Lipostructure (fat injections) is a technique of fat grafting developed by a New York plastic surgeon, Dr Sydney Coleman. The technique entails placing a network of interwoven fat grafts into a region to rejuvenate an area or improve the contour of that region. This may leave a more youthful fullness and reduce the lines of a region.

One of the ways the face ages is through loss of supportive fat that gives the full cheek and strong jawline. Fat grafting combined with facial rejuvenation techniques such as a face lift can help to restore more youthful contours to the face.

The lipostructure technique has also been used in acne as substantial thinning of a fat layer may happen in this condition. Lipostructure may give acne patients better texture and improved appearance.

The surgery is often performed under a general anesthesia as a day patient. Swelling and bruising to the face may be quite marked, especially in the first few weeks but sometimes for as long as four weeks. The abdomen is a common site the grafts are taken from. Again, bruising, swelling and some numbness are expected at least temporarily.

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