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Gynaecomastia – Male Breast Reduction (Man Boobs)

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Gynaecomastia is the abnormal enlargement of the male breast. It occurs most frequently at two phases in life. In the teenage years a temporary disturbance in the hormonal balance can lead to breast development in males.

A similar disturbance can occur in the older age group but in both age groups it can also occur as a consequence of significant weight gain. More commonly these days we are seeing Gynaecomastia as a consequence of use of performance enhancing anabolic steroids. These drugs directly stimulate the male breast gland and lead to over growth.

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Consultation Requirements

Our doctors will explain the details of your surgery and all of the information about the procedure. We will also take the time to understand your medical history and provide you with an overview of the Surgeons and their credentials. You will also have an opportunity to review before and after photographs of their patient’s results in their areas of expertise.

Our Surgeon will provide general information on treatments, hospital costs and incidental fee. Pre and post-operative information and a written quote will be provided to you at time of your consultation.  To book a consultation with our surgeons, call (07) 5539 1000 (opt 2)

The Gynaecomastia Treatment Procedure

Treatment of Gynaecomastia may vary from liposuction to a breast reduction procedure similar to that of which is done for women with large breasts. If the reason for the breast enlargement is mostly due to accumulation of fat then liposuction can work well. If there is an excessive amount of skin the resulting contour may not be good with dimpling or folds or hanging of the empty skin. In this circumstance a skin reduction procedure much like a female breast reduction may be required.

The Results

Where the enlargement of the breast is due to the over growth of the gland liposuction is unlikely to be effective. In these cases direct excision of the breast gland itself is required and this can usually be done by fairly inconspicuous incision around the border of the areolar. However if there is skin excess uneven contour and laxity of the skin may result. Again a skin reduction procedure with significantly low larger scars may be required. In some cases reduction of the fat component by liposuction alone through small inconspicuous scars can give a reasonable contour without the larger scars of direct excision. In other circumstances the glandular component of the Gynaecomastia is too great and a second procedure to excise the residual gland is required.

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Treatment Areas

Treatment of your Gynaecomastia will require a careful assessment of your particular condition and an outline of the treatment options available. Not uncommonly there is a mixture of fat and gland in the Gynaecomastia.

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Choosing a Qualified Surgeon

One of the most important factors in the success of your plastic surgery is the surgeon you select. Many people are surprised to learn that some doctors performing plastic/cosmetic surgery today have had no formal surgical training. That is why you need to ask the right questions before you schedule a consultation.

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