Picosure Laser Solution to Tattoo Regret

Gold Coasters are lining up for the new generation PicoSure laser to remove the evidence of the folly of their youth – or in many cases, give them a clean slate so they can redo a new design in ink.

Proving a boom for removal clinics and Tattoo studios alike, the PicoSure is hailed as “the biggest breakthrough in tattoo removal technology in 20 years” – 10 times as effective as the previous nano-laser method.

“The PicoSure uses pico-second pulses,” explains Dr. Terrence Scamp, practising plastic surgeon at Esteem Medi Spa which has the exclusive license on the Gold Coast. “Previously it was a nano-second pulse, but the PicoSure is ten times shorter in pulse width, which allows us to smash the ink into smaller particles. The energy is delivered cleanly with no scarring or burning of the tissues and relatively little discomfort. We can remove tattoos from anywhere on the body without damageing the surrounding tissue.”

From December, Esteem will have its fully-trained technicians providing the PicoSure service, and it has already proven its worth with people enquiring and booking in from all over the region.

According to Choice, approximately one-quarter of Australians under the age of 30 have a tattoo, which now makes them the most tattooed generation in our history.

“Tattoos are a fashion statement, and like fashion, people change their minds,” says Dr. Scamp. “We have had enquiries from men and women who say they want their tattoos removed because they no longer want the memory of the person or event has first inspired them, they’ve grown out of them, or they want to evolve their look. In some cases, they want to start afresh with a new style or design.

“Whatever your reason or whatever you aim to achieve, we can do it quicker and with fewer treatments than ever. In many cases, removal will be less costly and less painful than the original ink.”