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Laser Treatments Look and feel your very best with laser skin treatments

Fight the signs of aging and reduce the effects of wrinkles, scarring or damage. Our expert team of laser technicians are highly qualified in the altering of facial pigmentation, skin tightening and the reduction of facial veins or redness through an effective course of laser treatments.


A non-invasive procedure, lasers are a highly effective way to treat pigmentation. The LimeLight facial is suitable for any part of your face, neck or body and will effectively reduce the visibility of pigmentation, brown spots and skin redness, as well as reduce facial veins and redness. Laser surgery will usually consist of two to five treatments at monthly intervals, after which point, skin defects will have been greatly reduced.

Skin Tightening

Laser surgery is also the most effective procedure for skin tightening. Treatments like this have become increasingly popular as a way to reduce facial veins and redness, pigmentation and ensure increase skin tightening, as it requires far less recovery time than other methods.

Reduce Facial Veins and Redness

Laser surgery is a hugely effective way to reduce facial veins and redness. Spider veins are a common result of natural aging and sun damage, a laser treatment will target small sections with strong bursts of light, eventually causing them to coagulate and disappear. A reductions of spider facial veins and redness will even out pigmentation across the skin, to ensure a fresh and youthful look.

Life is too short to feel bad about the way that you look: call one of our experienced team members today, and discuss the ways in which we can work with you to improve your confidence. Our laser treatments are trusted by a wide client base across Brisbane and Gold Coast, and we are proud to have improved the lives of many. We provide only the highest levels of customer service, and will happily tailor our service to meet your exact specifications. Call on us for skin tightening treatments, as well the reduction of pigmentation and spider veins and skin redness.



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