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Laser Hair Removal at Esteem Cosmetic Clinics

Having hair on our body is natural and it serves many purposes. This can include protection of the skin, as well as keeping the body warm and helping with cooling. But, some people have more hair than others and wish for it to be removed permanently.

The Cutera Hair Removal System is an advanced treatment that targets the hair follicles to prevent growth. This is carried out by using laser light energy. The treatment is suitable for removing hair on the face and body, such as on the legs and back.

Unlike other hair removal systems, Cutera is able to target fine hair, just as successfully as coarse hair. Men and women can enjoy this procedure, as well as all skin tones.

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Consultation in Brisbane & Gold Coast Clinics

Before patients receive laser hair removal treatment, it is necessary to attend a consultation. This will take place in one of Esteem four cosmetic clinics with a trained professional.

The patient will be able to discuss their treatment expectations and find out if laser hair removal is right for them. The professional will also exam the area of the body that will be treated. They will carry out a patch test for skin response.

While laser hair removal targets hair during the active growth phase, not all hair on the body grows at the same time. This means that some hair follicles can only be partially stunned during treatment. Further treatment sessions may be required to remove this hair.

Our professional will be able to advise on the number of treatments the patient will need. This will depend on every person’s hair growth cycle and hair thickness.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

The laser hair removal procedure is straight forward and quick for the patient. Once you are relaxed, a professional will use the Cutera Hair Removal System.

The laser light energy can target hundreds of hair follicles at once. This works by aiming the heat at the hair follicles that are located underneath the skin. This heat will destroy the hair and its root, so it cannot regrow.

Some patients may experience mild discomfort during Laser hair removal treatment. This can include a slight pinching or stinging sensation on the surface of the skin. But, no local anaesthetic is needed for the treatment.

If the patient is having a sensitive area of the body treated, a topical cream may be applied before using the Cutera Hair Removal System.

There is minimal downtime associated with this procedure. This means patients are free to leave the clinic when they are ready and return to their daily routine. It is normal to experience some redness to the skin after treatment.

In addition, there may be some swelling where the hair follicles have been targeted. However, this commonly only lasts a few hours and will fade on its own. It is recommended that patients do not pluck or wax their hair between treatments.

If hair removal is needed, it is best to shave.

The Results

Many patients in Brisbane & Gold Coast have enjoyed successful results by using the Cutera Hair Removal System. After several treatments, there has been permanent hair removal on the face and body, revealing smooth skin.

It is important to remember that results from any treatment are individual. This can include laser hair removal.

To find out the results you can expect from this treatment, a professional will be able to advise you during a consultation.

If you want to find out more about laser hair removal treatment and how it can benefit you, you can contact one of our Esteem specialists today.



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