Lip Tattoo – More Than Just a Tattoo, It’s An Art!

Most women will admit they have more shades of lipstick than there are days in a year. But wouldn’t it be great if your lips looked like they naturally had the perfect shade of lipstick already applied from the minute you woke up?! Well… a lip tattoo is just that!

A treatment that sounds so permanent, can sound scary. That is why our in-house cosmetic tattooist Isabella will be answering the most commonly asked questions.

What is a Lip Tattoo?

A lip tattoo is a cosmetic beauty treatment that enhances your natural lip colour. This treatment is ideal for clients who are suffering from a loss in pigmentation in their lips. Lip tattooing will also benefit women who want the effects of wearing lipstick without the hassle of applying it, smudging it and reapplying daily.

Known as a lip tint, lip blush and ombre lip tattooing, it’s more about naturally enhancing the lips to give the illusion of fullness, rather than adding actual volume into the lips like fillers do.

Who is lip tattooing best suited to?

Lip tattooing is a great alternative for someone who has a busy schedule and doesn’t have the time to constantly reapply their makeup.

A lip blend or an ombre effect is achieved by applying a fine lip line and blending the colour from a stronger definition to a lighter definition towards the centre of the lips. This approach is for women who want their lips to look more prominent, without looking too artificial. Some women are afraid to turn to injections and lip tattooing can give that definition and fullness without the need for cosmetic fillers.

How long has lip tattooing been around for?

Lip tattooing became popular in the 80’s, however the results were extremely harsh and solid in colour. Technology has since advanced with modern day tattooing machines, becoming less intensive but still maintaining a great result. Pigments have also advanced since the 80’s and at Esteem, we use organic pigments which prevent the risk of changing colour as they fade. Rather than having a solid block colour on your lips, think of it more so as a lip stain, naturally enhancing your lips in a nude, pink or red tone.

Choosing the right colour for you

When choosing the right colour for you, think about a shade that is wearable both day and night. Subtle colours can always be gradually enhanced over time but we never tattoo statement colours such as deep red or plum. The most requested colour is a soft pink.

How long does a lip tattoo last?

Depending on the depth of colour and pigment applied, a lip tattoo can last between three and five years. It should be noted, colour retention varies depending on skincare, lifestyle, medications and exposure to sun or salt water. A client with oilier skin may require more regular visits to refresh the pigment colour.

Does it hurt?

Most women will agree that a lip tattoo does not hurt. However, given that a numbing cream is applied before and during the treatment, you will find the procedure is quite painless.

What is involved in the tattooing process?

A topical anaesthetic is applied to your lips prior to procedure, pre-numbing the area being treated. A thorough consultation includes designing the shape of your lips using a fine pencil and choice of a colour. The tattooing itself can take up to an hour and you may feel pressure on your lips and the vibration from the machine. A second topical anaesthetic is applied during treatment to assist in maintaining numbness of your lips. Once the anaesthetic wears off, you will be in no pain however, your lips may feel quite swollen. Swelling generally subsides within 24 hours.

If you are prone to cold sores, anti-viral medication should be taken prior to your procedure and during the healing process, as the stimulation of the needles can potentially cause cold sores, negatively impacting the healing process.

What is the aftercare?

You will need to follow an aftercare regimen for one week following the treatment. The aftercare regimen provides you with information on how to keep your lips as clean as possible including during the consumption of food and beverages. You will need to apply the aftercare cream up to 3 times daily to nourish and assist in healing the skin. Whilst the colour will be extremely rich and dark during the healing phase, it will fade up to 50% in colour intensity after healing.

How much does a lip tattoo cost?

A lip tattoo costs $775 including your touch up 4-6 weeks after the initial visit. That is about the same cost as around 20 lipsticks! However, you will no longer need to apply lipstick daily and the results of your lip tattoo will last more than three years.

Before and After Photos

I offer free consultations for all cosmetic tattoo treatments and if you like the idea of simplifying your daily beauty routine, Eyebrow Feathering or Ombre Brows are the semi- permanent version of a lip tattoo- but for brows!

Should there be any questions you would still like answered, I am available in our Main Beach, Fortitude Valley and Ipswich Clinics.

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