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Plasma Skin Resurfacing

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No matter what we do to the structure of our face, if the skin is “old” our look is never entirely rejuvenated. Fine lines, Deep wrinkles, Sun Spots and Skin Pigmentations all contribute to an “old Skin look”. The Portrait, is a skin Rejuvenation device which uses Plasma to rejuvenate the skin in a similar way to laser but with a more rapid recovery.

With the Portrait system, the overlying skin stays intact for three to five days. This gives the deeper layer a chance to heal so that when the top layer flakes off there is already healthy healed skin beneath it. This reduces the time taken to heal, reduces the discomfort and minimizes the overall risk (particularly that of infections).

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Consultation Requirements

Our doctors will explain the details of your surgery and all of the information about the procedure. We will also take the time to understand your medical history and provide you with an overview of the Surgeons and their credentials. You will also have an opportunity to review before and after photographs of their patient’s results in their areas of expertise.

Our Surgeon will provide general information on treatments, hospital costs and incidental fee. Pre and post-operative information and a written quote will be provided to you at time of your consultation.

To book a consultation with our surgeons, call (07) 5539 1000 (opt 2).

The Plasma Skin Resurfacing Procedure

Portrait can be performed as an in office procedure with the use of topical anaesthetic cream and local anaesthetic blocks, rather than being done in the operating theatre under a general anaesthetic, as is common with lasers. And, as the overlying skin stays in act the dressing regime for after care is also much simpler. Only a heavy moisturiser is usually required.

The Portrait has two effects on the skin. The immediate effect, visible within a week or so, is that shiny, healthy, young-looking skin emerges. This is due to loss of superficial layers of the skin which contain a lot of the aftermath of sun damage and photo-ageing.

The deeper layers of the skin are also affected by the Portrait. They are strongly stimulated and the cells there become metabolically very active and lay down new collagen. This progressively tightens and smooths the skin. Even after a year of a single Portrait treatment, increased activity in the deeper parts of the skin are still visible.
Healing usually takes less than a week and further continual improvement is seen in the skin over a year.

Areas other than the face such as the backs of hands, limbs and décolletage and neck can also be treated with the portrait device.

Portrait is recommended for treatment of sun damage, wrinkles, benign skin lesions, superficial pigmentation and acne scarring.

Portrait will not remove the fine blood vessels which are commonly seen on the face as we age. These can be later reduced by use of intense pulse light (IPL). In certain instances where lines are particularly deeper or very close to the eye, laser resurfacing may be preferred.

Choosing A Qualified Surgeon

One of the most important factors in the success of your plastic surgery is the surgeon you select. Many people are surprised to learn that some doctors performing plastic/cosmetic surgery today have had no formal surgical training. That is why you need to ask the right questions before you schedule a consultation.

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