The Bloody Treatments Boasting Big Time Results

What is this procedure that has celebrities using their own blood to turn back the clock on aging skin?

The vampire facelift is a researched technique developed by Dr Charles Runels over 10 years ago. The technique takes a sample of your own blood, spins it down in a centrifuge separating all of the cells. We then take the concentrated sample of the platelet rich plasma (PRP) and inject this back into certain areas of the face.

The use of PRP in this way is similar to when you injure yourself and your body sends platelets and plasma to this area along with growth factors which allow your body to regenerate and grow new skin. When we inject the PRP into the face we trick the body into signaling that is needs to heal this area and your body starts the healing cascade with sending more platelets, plasma, growth factors, collagen and elastin to this area.

The results of this procedure help to reduce slight sagginess, treat fine lines, acne scars, tighten skin around the tear troughs, lift the nasolabial folds and lift the brow. The treatment has gradual results and take and takes between 4-12 weeks for improvements to be noticed. Most clients have reported that they look more youthful and refreshed with noticeable improvements in skin tone and texture. Results from this treatment can last approximately 12 months.

Are all providers equal in this treatment?

I have been trained directly under training requirements by Dr Charles Runels. This assures that the treatment you receive with the vampire facelift will only use quality FDA approved materials with an excellent researched method of injecting. Physicians using the vampire facelift method continually update the materials and techniques used as the science improves. All physicians that follow this technique are registered at Following these techniques allows you to be more confident about the results you will achieve.

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