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The Esteem True Lift

In Our Brisbane and Gold Coast Clinics

As part of the normal ageing process, the true ligaments of the face can become lax resulting in facial sag.

By reinforcing the points with strategically placed and precise injections, we can lift and support the facial ligaments resulting in a natural looking, lifted appearance and tighter complexion.

An ideal candidate for Esteem’s True Lift procedure would be someone who has lost some youthful volume in the cheeks and skin has reduced elasticity through ageing and wishes to restore the natural contours of the face. This treatment may also be suitable if you suffer from jowls with older age.

This new technique to Queensland is now available with our Industry leading Injectors at Esteem Medi Spa.

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Consultation Requirements

Esteem’s True Lift can be performed as an individual, targeted point technique or a 5-point technique targeting all 5 points of the face to achieve a lifted and rejuvenated appearance.

To assess whether this procedure would be suitable for you, book your consultation with our Industry leading injectors.

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The True Lift Procedure

Our True Lift procedure targets the 5 points of the face most susceptible to the natural ageing process. The procedure involves the targeting and reinforcement of the five ageing points with strategically placed and precise injections to lift and support the facial ligaments, resulting in a natural, lifted appearance.

Depending on your goals, our nurses will provide a thorough assessment of your and discuss your goals to help provide you with the optimum results.

The Results

This procedure can rejuvenate the face and provide a youthful appearance. Key benefits include:

  • Non-invasive procedure

  • Fast and simple treatment

  • Lifted and rejuvenated appearance

  • Minimal downtime

  • Little discomfort

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Treatment Areas

This  brand new, specialised procedure targets the root cause of sagging skin, laxity of the true retaining ligaments:

  • Drooping eyelids

  • Flattened apples of the cheeks

  • Sagging of the mid-facial area

  • Deepening of the nasolabial folds

  • Drooping and loss of jaw definition

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Our Professional Team

If you would like to find out more about our True Lift procedure and whether this is the right treatment for you, please feel free to contact one of our Esteem professionals today at our clinics in Brisbane, Coolangatta, Main Beach and Ipswich.

Our Esteem professionals also provide a range of services and cosmetic injections, including, however not limited to, lip injections, anti-wrinkle injections and other non-surgical anti-ageing procedures.

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