What Is A TFR and Why Do I Need It?

The TFR or Total Facial Rejuvenation consultation addresses all aspects of the ageing face, and is an avenue I highly recommend to anyone thinking about injectables and skin treatments.

I get asked a lot in consults “what do you think I need?”

Everyone is different and a thorough assessment of your anatomy and your goals is the best place you can start. I don’t just make up what I think you need. What I do is use all my training and experience over 17 years to assess things like symmetry, facial shape, proportion, skin quality, strength of facial muscles, facial volume, and bony loss of the skeleton.

Together, we work out a treatment plan over the long term to help educate and inform you along your ageing journey.

And together, we can build a relationship gradually educating you on all the treatment possibilities available and what’s appropriate for you. This process allows you to become engaged and in control of your ageing journey.

I’ll advise on anatomical changes, product selection, budget, time restraints, side effects and downtime, all suited to you and your needs.

I’ll use my skills and understanding of the anatomy to help you understand why the changes you see are occurring and what you can do to address these changes.

To me, a TFR consultation is a an invaluable educational tool to help you gain more of a thorough understanding of the ageing process that you can take away with you so you can become more engaged and in control of how you want to age.

Everyone is different with differing medical conditions, differing anatomy, and are at different stages of ageing so a TFR is a great way to find out more about how you can target your goals and concerns.

It’s also important to remember that patient commitment is essential to achieve the best results. This will boost your trust in your practitioner and compliance to the plan.

I suggest to my clients that they should prioritise treatments, ideally 3 visits over 3-6 months, and then treatments over 6-12months as maintenance.

With a TFR plan in place, this helps prevent over treatment of certain areas. I look at the whole face, and what I can do to enhance your complete appearance, not just focusing in on one area, I focus more so three dimensionally to avoid disharmony in the face.

This subtle approach is less daunting for anyone and I have found that overall clients look and feel fresher as a result and the face is balanced.

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