Why Men Are Loving Dermal Filler?

Long gone are the days of splashing your face with water in the morning or just shaving and splashing on your favourite cologne.

Men are now wanting to look after themselves more than ever. But unfortunately, gym, a clean diet and moisturiser will not do much to slow down the process of ageing. Since the late 90’s early 00’s there has been a massive increase in the amount of men having cosmetic procedures. And rightly so, who doesn’t want to look good?!

Dermal filler is one of the most common and unspoken of treatments used amongst the modern man. Dermal filler (hyaluronic acid) works in harmony with facial tissue and provides structure to the face and reduces the appearance of folds and fine lines with treatments that can last anywhere up to 12-24 months. YES PLEASE!

Areas I commonly treat for men include:

  • Hollow/dark eyes
  • Weak jawline
  • Flat cheeks
  • Nose
  • Thin uneven lips
  • Deep lines and wrinkles

Dermal Filler treatments are nothing to be afraid of and are a safe and effective way to make sure you get that right swipe 😉

So what are you waiting for?

If reading this hasn’t answered your questions or if you would like to chat further and find out what dermal filler can do for you, book in for your free, friendly consultation and let’s talk about what options we have available for you!

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