Hyperhydrosis – Don’t Sweat It This Summer

If you don’t want sweat patches ruining your photos this wedding season, look no further than Esteem’s hyperhydrosis treatment.

Beat the heat this summer with Esteem’s hyperhydrosis treatment, designed to combat excessive sweating and keep you feeling fresh and clean all summer long.

Hyperhydrosis is the medical term used to describe excessive sweating. This kind of sweating takes place in very particular places of the body and generally affects both sides of the body. The common areas affected feet, hands, underarms, head or face.

Hyperhydrosis treatment involves injecting anti-wrinkle treatment into the skin in the affected areas. This aids in reducing the sweat in these regions by thwarting the signals from the brain and onto the sweat glands, terminating or restricting sweat production.

About 15-20 injections are inserted into the affected areas, like the armpits, hands, face or feet. The process is relatively pain-free and can take effect as soon as the following day. In most cases, effects show within 2 and five days.

Don’t let hyperhydrosis stop you from throwing your hands in the air this festive season. Come into Esteem for a free consultation now and don’t sweat the small stuff this summer.